How To Market Your AR App

Creating your augmented reality shopping app is just the first step to a successful AR strategy. The augmented reality experience increases conversions, but only for customers who use it. To maximize the utility of your AR app, we recommend you lead customers into it from your existing channels. Below we list a few tips and best practices for directing customers into your AR channel.

Include CTA to download app on your Returns page
If a customer is checking your returns page, they may be having doubts about whether the product will be a good fit. Pointing them to your AR app could give them just the information they need to feel comfortable making a purchase.
Include CTA to download app on the page that lists your physical locations
If a customer wants to visit a retail location, but doesn't live close to any of them, directing them to the app can be a great way of providing them the information they need to make a purchase.
Create a landing page to highlight the app
A webpage devoted to the app can help your customers understand the value of the app, as well as give you a chance to highlight some AR best practices to ensure they find the experience easy-to-use.
Integrate deep links into your product display pages
Triple-powered apps come with a deep linking infrastructure that allows you to link directly to a specific product within your app. In many cases, these links will work even if the app isn't already installed. Including these links on your product pages, incorporated in a 'View in Your Home' button, is one of the most powerful ways of directing users to content within your app.
Market your app directly on the App Store
Aside from funneling users into your app from your existing channels, one of the easiest ways to acquire new app users is to advertise directly on the App Store with Search Ads. Cost-per-installs tend to be less with Search Ads than with other channels, and this also allows you to directly target potential customers who are ready to download an app.
Utilize your customer service
If you have a customer service team, chances are they are used to answering questions like 'how will this look in my home?' or 'what happens if I order it and don't like it?'. Instructing these team member to point customers to your AR app, potentially with a deep link to a specific product, can be a great way of getting the AR experience into the hands of customers who need it.
Mention the app in your existing marketing efforts
Letting customers know about the app in your newsletters and social media posts can be a great way of getting customers engaged with your new digital channel.
Use the app in your showrooms
If you have retail locations or showrooms, chances are its hard to fit all of your products and customizations in there. Using the AR app to display customization options or products that aren't available in your showrooms can be a great use of the app, and also shows the customers that they can also use the app when they get back home.